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Human Rights

Iranian exiles protest in London condemns human rights violations – READ MORE

We must focus on Iran’s human rights violations now – READ MORE

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Why Has HIV/AIDS Prevalence Increased in Iran? – READ MORE

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World Poverty – READ MORE

Iran in the World Today – READ MORE

Poverty Grows as Iranian Government Resists Change – READ MORE

The 15 Most Homeless Cities In The World – READ MORE

Iran: 2017 Minimum Wage Less Than One Third of Poverty Line – READ MORE


Anywhere but home: an Afghan labourer in Iran dreams of life in Sweden – READ MORE

Iran: Refugees threatened with death or deportation if they don’t join fight against Isis – READ MORE

Refugee mental health needs could overwhelm, experts fear – READ MORE

US travel ban leaves Iranian LGBT refugees in limbo – READ MORE

Street Children

U.N. panel rebukes Iran for allowing forced marriage, execution at nine years old – READ MORE

Statistics on Abandoned Children – READ MORE

Iran: Dismal lives of street children – READ MORE

Where’s the Outrage Over Iran’s Exploited Children? – READ MORE

Iran: Homeless women are forced to presell their unborn children out of poverty – READ MORE

Domestic Violence

Prevalence and Risk Factors of Domestic Violence against Iranian Women READ MORE

Domestic Violence and Its Related Factors Based a Prevalence Study in Iran READ MORE

Domestic Violence World Stats READ MORE

Latest in Science

Pot Can Trigger Psychotic Symptoms For Some, But Do The Effects Last? READ MORE

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