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Ayeneh's Tree Planting Campaign

Ayeneh Foundation began its tree-planting campaign in 2015 as a symbolic gesture by inviting all those  who enter the world of recovery to celebrate their rejuvenation and mend the wounds of the environment by planting a tree.
today we have broadened this goal to include promoting activism, awareness and building environmental and climate literacy in the younger generation around the world to protect the planet and make a difference in our communities.
We invite you to join us in this symbolic movement because the time to take action is now, we all need to get involved by engaging people in our community and encouraging them to follow our lead. Respect the environment. Plant trees. Stay informed. Reduce pollution. When we come together, the impact will become monumental. Let's play a purposeful role in a united effort  to protect the environment and our future.
Please email your tree planting clips to: Info@ayeneh.org
Please use this # for all your Planting Clips: