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Founder & President of Ayeneh Foundation

Dariush Eghbali

The success and purpose of an organization is always based on the philosophy, values, vision and the goals of its founder. Dariush Eghbali, artist, social activist and humanitarian founded Ayeneh Foundation upon entering the world of recovery in the year 2000. Ayeneh Foundation’s goal is to increase education, awareness and prevention with regard to social maladies.

Dariush Eghbali’s goal, from the beginning of his artistic career has been to be the voice of the plight of his countrymen around the world. Although he was imprisoned and persecuted in this endeavor, and faced a myriad of ups and downs. From the moment he was forced to leave his beloved country to this day, he strives to empower his fellow Iranians to succeed in their struggles with social maladies. From the birth of Ayeneh Foundation, his goal has been to unite the Farsi speaking communities and the international nonprofit organizations in healing the agonizing and painful wounds of our society, nurture our lost humanity, and seek a healthy society for all as he believes that our abilities are endless as long as we are all enabled to combat all social maladies with education, awareness and prevention.

He has risen from amongst his countrymen and has devoted his life to unite them wholeheartedly in an effort to gift the spirit of compassion and benevolence to the society, reminding them that now is the most important time to take action, that the power of love makes everything possible, especially when it comes to mending the wounds of our society one soul at a time.

Making the culture of education and inherent core in our society is not just a goal, it is a loving journey. A journey which has embodied the creation of over four thousand educational radio and television programs, educational conferences and seminars worldwide, eye opening school presentations, organizing the annual gathering of the friends of recovery,  preparation of educational books, creation of educational websites and chatrooms, and instituting a tree planting campaign and a campaign in support of impoverished children.

Ayeneh Foundation’s goal from day one has been to invite each and every member of the society to unite in mending the wounds of our communities by encouraging the creation of a health triangle, composed of people, nonprofit organizations and the media. It is only via the cooperation of the three angles of this health triangles that we can successfully combat the social maladies plaguing our society worldwide.

Presenting solutions and helpful guidance to all those who are seeking to recover, because they are either directly or indirectly suffering from a myriad of social maladies, especially the international and deadly disease of addiction, is another one of the goals of Ayeneh Foundation’s websites like  The creation of this chatroom has been a guiding light and a beacon of hope for the sufferers.  Being constructive is one of the main priorities at Ayeneh Foundation, which is why the creation of educational community centers to address the dire needs of the society is another one of the objectives we are pursuing wholeheartedly. 

We at Ayeneh Foundation are determined to either create a path or find a way to empower all those in need to seek freedom from any social maladie with the help of education, awareness and prevention.