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Let us believe that our abilities are endless. Let us believe that the sun rises for each and every one of us.  Let us believe that we deserve to thrive and to live peacefully together.  Let us believe that freedom and justice are our undeniable rights.  Let us believe that the power of love will make everything possible.  Understanding pain is an inherent part of treating it.  We owe it to ourselves to save and live in the moment and create these moments together.  Let us be the sky and not just clouds. Let us move from fear and anger and disbeliefs to the belief that we can run from despair to hope together. Let us see today and now as the excuse to move from what could have been to what can be. 

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Messages of Recovery

Dear Dariush, I want you to know that the rays of hope of your Ayeneh are so strong that they have reached the dark streets of China where my daughter and I have been struggling with her addiction. I owe my daughter’s life to you, I hope that I can reciprocate this grand gesture.
M., From China
I just wanted to let you know that I am alive because of you, I have withstood the pain of addiction because of you and I got the message of recovery from you and I will forever cherish my health and my freedom and your being the messenger of hope and love.
S., From Iran
You have been the greatest source of hope and information for my family and I who were roaming the refugee camps and parks hoping to seek refuge somewhere in this forsaken world. Your help and guidance and support will never be forgotten.
D., From Turkey
It took 11 years for me to learn what I have should have learned before having children how to be a true parent, you showed me and taught me the art of parenting in one hour when all these years no one including my own parents ever showed me the way, I know have begun to learn how to understand my child’s emotional needs. Thank you for being the light in our life.
S., From Los Angeles


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