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April 2016

Ayeneh Foundation at Pierce College – Nov 27, 2012

Ayeneh Foundation has been invited to give educational and preventional presentations at high schools and colleges starting from Taft high school and moving on to Pierce College in Los Angeles in 2012. [gmedia id=78]

Ayeneh Foundation at Taft High School – Oct 26, 2012

Ayeneh was invited by the students at the Persian Club of Taft high school to help increase awareness and especially prevention regarding the deadly disease of addiction. Ayeneh invited young guests who are in recovery [...]

Seminar in Hamburg – June 29-30, 2012

Part of our humanitarian goals is the organization of our yearly gathering of the friends of recovery. These meetings are held worldwide with the goal of creating an environment conducive to sharing the message of [...]

Seminar in Washington, April 8, 2012

An analysis of the latest statistics and updates about substance abuse and synthetic drugs, HIV and AIDS in Iran, as well as the issue of the student movement, student rights and the right to education [...]

Seminar in Hamburg – June 25, 2011

This year, as part of our gathering of the friends of recovery, we addressed the plight of the refugees and their family and loved ones. Refugees comprise another sector of our society who have fallen [...]

Seminar in Manchester – June 24, 2011

Given the increasing number of refugees who are in dire need of proper knowledge to address their mental health needs, especially when it comes to their struggles with the disease of addiction as well as [...]

Seminar in London – Sep 28, 2008

This seminar was organized to address the different parameters of the environment and individuals who specialize in the different aspects of the rapport of a substance abuser with his world and those who may play [...]

Conference in Stockholm – April 12, 2008

The vita roles of the NGOs, the media and the society as a whole were presented, dissected and proposed,emphasizing the crucial responsibilities of all humanitarian entities to work side by side and in a complementary [...]

Seminar in University of British Columbia – Sep 9, 2007

A comprehensive dissection of the true meaning of domestic violance, clearing misconceptions related to domestic violance, and the role of substance abuse in the development and/or exacerbation of domestic violance were addressed and discussed to [...]

Seminar in Hamburg – May 1, 2007

The world of recovery is explored and described in depth to educate and enable the mass regarding the logical avenues through which recovery can be achieved, celebrated and maintained effectively by understanding and following the [...]

Seminar in Sweden, March 27, 2006

The main objective of this seminar was to address the nature of the disease of addiction and its side effects when it comes to the individual who is suffering from various forms of addiction, as [...]

Sminar in Toronto – March 6, 2006

Our goal and agenda for the presentation of this seminar was to address the vital importance of prevention, from the perspective of the younger generation as well as from the perspective of the family and [...]

Seminar in Dubai, March 22, 2006

The vast role of the disease of substance abuse in the world of all social maladies were explored and dissected. In particular, the role of human rights violation and the comprehensive entanglement of substance abuse [...]

Seminar in Holland, Sep 22, 2005

The disease of substance abuse is dissected and explored by presenting education and awareness regarding the different forms of addiction and the impact of this disease on the family until is explored, all along presenting [...]

Seminar in Belgium, July 23, 2005

The goal of this conference was to emphasize the deep impact substance abuse has on the family core and to encourage a more aggressive approach on the apart of the parents and the society to [...]

Medical Conference – May 28, 2005

The vast array of social maladies widespread among our countrymen were explored and presented, emphasizing the very crucial role of education, awareness and prevention in a systematic, logical, scientific approach in combating these social maladies [...]

Brief Addiction – March 25, 2005

The goal of this conference was to emphasize the deep impact substance abuse has on the family core and to encourage a more aggressive approach on the apart of the parents and the society to [...]