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April 2016

Seminar in Manchester – June 24, 2011

Given the increasing number of refugees who are in dire need of proper knowledge to address their mental health needs, especially when it comes to their struggles with the disease of addiction as well as [...]

Seminar in Sweden, March 27, 2006

The main objective of this seminar was to address the nature of the disease of addiction and its side effects when it comes to the individual who is suffering from various forms of addiction, as [...]

Sminar in Toronto – March 6, 2006

Our goal and agenda for the presentation of this seminar was to address the vital importance of prevention, from the perspective of the younger generation as well as from the perspective of the family and [...]

Seminar in Belgium, July 23, 2005

The goal of this conference was to emphasize the deep impact substance abuse has on the family core and to encourage a more aggressive approach on the apart of the parents and the society to [...]