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Triangle of Health

Nonprofits – The Media – The People

Health Triangle:

We live in a strange world, an age when human relations have faded, where spirituality and humanity are becoming extinct, where individualism and introspection is flourishing, where the love of power and autonomy is expanding, all and all creating the cold virtual anti-sociability we are witnessing today…

The damage from social exclusion in the midst of social maladies have deepened and darkened the wounds of our worldwide community.  In the midst of all the do’s and dont’s, governments and power-hungry leaders, we have become more secluded and deeply injured.  Our struggles don’t subside, our arms are void of love and our souls void of tranquility. 

The goal of Ayeneh Foundation is to put the hands of those in need in the hands of compassionate individuals who are committed to helping humanity.  Our hope is for all of us to truly believe that the wounds of the society are ours to heal through a united informative effort. The only solution out of this destructive cycle is to awaken the sense of humanity and commitment to compassionate social services in order to be a constructive member of the society worldwide.

Communities, organizations, traditions, cultures, wars represent various forms of human life and relationships. The establishment of healthy relationships with others and having proper communication skills is more important than any other piece of information and skills that he/she may acquire during his/her lifetime. 

We believe that the fundamental solution to creating a healthier world is the participation, solidarity and collaboration of the key elements in the worldwide community:  the nonprofit organizations, the media and people themselves.  By using this proposed plan of action in a professional, scientific and targeted creation of a health triangle which functions in a diligent, effective and continuous fashion.

The Nonprofit Organization

With the collaboration and cooperation of all the social services from one end, and the effective approach on the part of nonprofit institutions we can effectively and successfully work towards the treatment and prevention of social maladies and expand the effectiveness of the services provided by each institution.  The healing of a common plight requires the acceptance of the reality of a common plight and the desire to share the pain and the fill the void of the feeling of loneliness and helplessness.


  1. An invitation for the cooperation and direct communication with elected representatives from each nonprofit to encourage other non-profit organizations to take an active role and enhance public relations for the provision of all the human services needed.
  2. The organization of an annual gathering with the participation of representatives from each nonprofit organization with the goal of evaluating the status and inter relations of social maladies, the need of the society and the latest scientific and effective solutions and treatments.
  3. The coordination of presenting and increasing awareness, education and prevention via media resources, informing the society with regard to the services provided by participating nonprofits, in a continuous and effective manner.
  4. The establishment of a sound public relations among the media and society and to estimate the reasonable needs of society, particularly in relation to the prevention of social problems among children and adolescents in an effective and continuous manner.
  5. To increase productivity through better use of human resources and media with the goal of educating life skills at the level of all teaching institutions as well as through the organization of free educational conferences and seminars with regard to social maladies.
  6. Empowering a humanitarian spirit and a sense of compassion and a desire to heal the wounds of the society with respect to the pains and needs of the community.

The Media:

The 21st century has been named the age of communication by the United Nations.  Obviously globalization and the importance and necessity of breaking discrete boundaries to ensure a  targeted, uncensored and effective role for the mass media to play in the empowerment of the society is vital.  We at Ayeneh Foundation believe that so long as the truth is not free, freedom will not become true. Expressing the truth and the realities and waking up the society’s mind are some of the most important roles of the mass media.  by effectively imparting information and a healthy exchange of opinion will address the need for education and the development of human civilizatin. As the guardians of the society, the mass media has to abide by their mission by understanding that their task is to raise awareness that the community needs purposefully so as to also inform the society with regard to all the social services provided by nonprofit organizations.


  1. Informing the society in a  scientific, sincere and continuous manner and encourage research with regard to the nature of social maladies and encourage the public’s knowledge of their human rights.
  2. Believe in the responsibility of informing the public and not just benefitting from the public ; and also register facts, and help evolve and transform the old traditional point of views in order to detox the public’s mind of untruths.
  3. Community education with the goal of informing the public of the goals,objectives and social services of the nonprofit organizations in a  continuous and effective manner.
  4. Promote hope, humanity, and culture and social cohesion through the presentation of informative and purposeful news and articles, documentaries and educational messages prepared by non-profit organizations
  5. Radio and television program producers and in general all mass  media should allow the provision of training and educational public service announcements and programs, in partnership with non-profit organizations and experts, to increase social awareness and empower their audiences  with individual and collective capabilities to combat social maladies.

The People

Freedom is not my right, it is not your right, is the right of ALL of us.  It is only with the collaboration of our mutual capabilities that we can achieve and empower our global abilities. Freedom does not just encompass the desire to be free, but it requires the purposeful effort of achieving it and sharing it with others in a compassionate and educated manner. It is to move from wanting and having, to uniting and building the building blocks of a health society together. 


  1. Seeking education and actively pursue learning to respect the human rights of all the members of our society and communities.
  2. Admit that we are uninformed and unaware and we need to learn the nature of all social maladies and life skills.
  3. Support, participate and become volunteers as a productive member of the society who willingly cooperates with non-profit organizations.
  4. Helping to increase understanding and solidarity by teaching vital life skills to children
  5. Implement a culture of humanitarianism  and understand the importance of institutionalize the sense of being productive and useful. 

Let us believe that our abilities are endless. Let us believe that the sun rises for each and every one of us.  Let us believe that we deserve to thrive and to live peacefully together.  Let us believe that freedom and justice are our undeniable rights.  Let us believe that the power of love will make everything possible.  Understanding pain is an inherent part of treating it.  We owe it to ourselves to save and live in the moment and create these moments together.  Let us be the sky and not just clouds. Let us move from fear and anger and disbeliefs to the belief that we can run from despair to hope together. Let us see today and now as the excuse to move from what could have been to what can be.