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Power of Prevention

Prevention is stopping an unpleasant event to occur informatively.  From scientific and health perspectives, preventing all social maladies includes: positive intervention, in a logical, continuous manner to overcome negative events.  Specialists have always stressed the vital role learning life skills and communication skills and the active participation of individuals can play in the prevention and control of social maladies, because without the active participation of all the sectors of the society, it is impossible to have any practical successful solutions which are effective.

Even though we are always struggling to reduce or eliminate social maladies, unfortunately part of these maladies will not be eliminated due to modernity.  However, with effective and proper management and planning  we can reduce their destructive powers.

In this day and age, advancements in the media, technology and social media have positive as well as negative social and cultural consequences.  We have to implement continuous and practical and scientific goals and objectives along with an effective plan of action to reduce the social maladies in the society step by step and prevent their negative and destructive side effects.

We at Ayeneh Foundation stress the importance of educating the family unit and the creation of direct and indirect educational materials as being the most important solution in fighting social maladies in an ongoing manner.

To implement solutions by making communication skills and life skills an inherent part of our plan of action plays a vital role in our goal to prevent social maladies.  It has been shown time and again that a lack of communication skills, many fall prey to social maladies.  Sharing all bitter and sweet experiences will help prevent many maladies. Learning life skills and communication skills to live a better and healthier life should be taught before couples think of having children. It is by learning these skills that parents and families will become better teachers for their offsprings.

We believe that with proper planning we can empower the society as a whole to fight and prevent social maladies.  In the past, people were more sensitive towards their surroundings, and most often than not sought solutions to solve their problems and shared the pain and the plight of their communities.  However, modernity, technology and all the advancements of our times, although have rendered communication much easier, but distanced our hearts and souls, our relations and our friendships.  Consequently, expression of feelings and creation of emotional relationships have suffered greatly.  We believe that the society should be guided in such a manner as to encourage a more united vision and effort with regards to addressing social maladies so that each and every member of the society believe it to be their responsibility in fighting social maladies. Denial and lack of personal interest with regard to social maladies will only empower the abusers.


  1. Implementing the education of life skills at the level of teaching institutions
  2. Teachers play a very vital role in the advancement of awareness with regard to social maladies.  Organizing educational classes for parents and families of different ages at the level of colleges and universities, especially via online courses, is one of the most effective solutions.
  3. The preparation of written material and books with regard to the art of parenting, the nature of social maladies, the names and contact information of all nonprofit organizations providing vital services, in schools, libraries, hospitals and public transportations.
  4. Mandatory airing of public service announcements in all media with regard to social maladies
  5. Encouraging and inviting all nonprofit organizations to participate in an annual gathering whereby social maladies are evaluated, explored and the latest statistics and solutions and treatments are presented 
  6. Creation of educational social workshops for children, parents and families with regard to life skills and communication skills.
  7. Creation of think tanks where people can share ideas and perspectives and visions with regard to the role teachers and parents can play in the prevention of social maladies, stressing the promotion of mental health well being.  
  8. Using the interned and social media to increase education and awareness and social awakening with regards to cultural and social differences and needs.

In order to effectively fight social maladies, there is no other solution but encouraging the active participation of each and every member of the society in being a responsible and effective citizen.  In addition to this goal, a collaboration and cooperation of the media and other entities is required to make learning and healing an inherent desire in the society as a whole.

Some social maladies have a more destructive effect on their victims due to a lack of education on the part of the society.  Therefore, educating the members of the society should be the first and most important step in eliminating social maladies.  Every member of the society should be aware of the importance of life skills as well as the importance of a sense of personal and social responsibility.  These skills should be taught to children from a very early age, as well as during the adult years, with the cooperation and collaboration of all nonprofit organizations, the media and each and every member of the society.

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