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Origins of Maladies

If we take an uncensored and closer look at the current status of our surroundings, we will find many beautiful as well as unsightly things amongst all the glamour of the scientific advancements and the power struggles that surrounds us. Fact is that in this world of upheavals and conflicts, the majority of people are directly and indirectly struggling with a myriad of problems. We, at Ayeneh Foundation, believe that to attain a healthy society, first and foremost, we need to identify all the roots of the social maladies which prey on us. So long as the roots and causes of the pain and suffering is not identified, serenity and peace will not see the light of the day.

Unfortunately, we cannot totally eliminate all social maladies, however; there is no doubt that we can take constructive steps toward treating and preventing them.  Most specialists believe that many social maladies begin their destruction within the family. the family unit, as the core base of the society, is where each individual flourishes and evolves, and therefore is of utmost importance. The first stimuli which affect the lives of each and every one of us stem from our childhood. Empowering the abilities of all individuals in our society, especially the family units, is one of the most effective solutions in our goal to prevent and reduce the destruction of all social maladies.

The first step in the treatment of any problem is the acceptance of the fact that a particular problem exists.  After acceptance, the more important step is understanding the different aspects of the nature of the problem. The next most important step is to find feasible and effective treatments and preventative measures.  It is only with a direct and unapologetic approach to the reality of social maladies and their evolution and inter relation, and the help of specialists, nonprofit organizations and the active participation of the society, we can be successful in our struggles to reach a healthy world.

There is no doubt that every sector of the society, from political, financial, cultural and religious, are in direct contact and therefore can constructively influence the family unit with a constructive and complementary manner, all along respecting each other’s independence and vision, in an attempt to bring awareness and empowering the family unit with the knowledge of life skills and communication skills. However, we at Ayeneh Foundation believe that only some of these entities can positively influence the society’s journey towards a healthier world due to a  constant struggle between the power of love and the love of power

Our current world, under the thumb of those who are power hungry, the drug tzars and those who are expanding human rights violations, is held prisoner in the claws of social maladies.  All statistics and reports have clearly proven that these social maladies know no boundaries, and pick their victims from all sector of the society.  Given that we, at Ayeneh Foundation, believe that the international disease of addiction is the mother of all social maladies, therefore, we have listed mental health and all mental stresses stemming from social maladies on the top of our priorities. The active participation of specialists, all those who have recovered from social maladies successfully, social workers in all areas, instructors, nonprofit organizations and the media play a very important and vital role in bringing awareness, identifying the nature and prevention of all social maladies. This vision of a complementary and collective effort constitutes what we at Ayeneh present as a health triangle. 

Fighting with such social maladies as the disease of addiction, AIDS, the plight of refugees and street children and the children of labor, impoverished children, human rights violation, and poverty require a realistic, effective and constant approach, which demand our constructive and collective effort. Increasing education and awareness at the level fo the family unit, the core of the society, should have priority over all other solutions.  Human rights violation begins at home, cultural poverty begins at home, domestic violence is first experienced in children at home. Therefore, embedding awareness in the society with regard to social maladies should begin at the level of the family unit, at home, which will then be instilled in the children, giving special attention to their emotional needs.  We have not fallen prey to the social maladies over night, and thus recovery will not occur overnight either.  Success is only achieved with education, awareness and prevention and determination.

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