More Than 100 Teens Have Been Sentenced To Die In Iran

2016-10-28T19:25:12+00:00 January 25th, 2016|Maladies-News|

At least 160 young Iranians are currently awaiting execution and 73 others have been put to death between 2005 and 2015, a chilling new report from Amnesty International says. As the world's leading executioner of offenders under 18 and one of the world's largest users of the death penalty overall, Iran had nearly 700 people [...]

Trading Drug Addiction for Food Addiction

2016-10-28T19:25:12+00:00 January 25th, 2016|Maladies-News|

Marissa kicked heroin, but picked up another addiction in the process: food. “Basically, my story is one addiction to another,” said Marissa, 25, who chose not to use her real name for this story. “I was an opiate and heroin addict and when I finally got clean, food was the next addiction to come into [...]

Are candidates focusing enough on drug addiction?

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Drug addiction was boosted to the front of the political discussion this week when voters took to the polls in New Hampshire for the country’s first primary election. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called the drug problem an epidemic and candidates have taken on the subject regularly during the election, many with [...]

Sharing Your Recovery Story

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I started my journey of sobriety on August 2015. As of today, I have been clean exactly 173 days, 8 hours and 32 minutes to be exact. In the beginning the decision becoming sober was very easy - because I came to the point that I surrendered. I was tired of life, emotionally, physically and [...]

Rise of the study drug: Adderall

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In the United States, a Schedule II drug is one that has some accepted medical use, but at the same time a high potential for abuse that may lead to severe psychological and physical dependence. Cocaine, morphine and methadone are all Schedule II substances. Imagine, then, opening Twitter one morning to be greeted by tweets [...]

Who is Addict?

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[:en] ساختار اصلی اعتیاد تشکیل یافته از وسوسه و اجبار. در دوران اعتیاد فعال هر یک از ما سه مرحله را طی کردیم. آشنایی با مواد میل به افزایش اجبار به مصرف مواد در مرحله اول آشنایی همانند خدمت کاری نزد ما بود. اما طولی نکشید که در اثر افراط در لذت و مصرف روز [...]